A talk, a tour and a surprise at the Cephalocon 

A talk, a tour and a surprise at the Cephalocon 

If you have read our last blog about the upcoming Cephalocon, you might be familiar with the concept already. If you are not familiar with the Cephalocon or our blog, you can read it through the following link: https://42on.com/cephalocon-2023/   

We are members! 

We are members of the Ceph Foundation as well as the Linux Foundation. The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, for the purposes of supporting, promoting, protecting, and standardizing Linux and open source software and technologies. Under the Linux Foundation, the Ceph Foundation is a collection of members invested in the development and progression of Ceph. 

The Ceph Foundation members collaborate and pool resources to support the Ceph community and propel innovation. Through combining industry leaders and associated parties, the Ceph Foundation represents responsible and beneficial support, independent of the technical direction of Ceph. Being active members means that we will be able to contribute more to the Ceph and Linux community.  

We are sponsor!  

Aside from being members of these foundations, we are also very proud to announce that we are active sponsor of the Cephalocon 2023, in Amsterdam. This includes our very own booth at the event, where we are super excited to meet you! We will announce our booth number within the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the announcement, because we are planning on handing out a Dutch delicacy at our booth.  

What will we talk about at the event? 

Our CTO, Wout van Heeswijk will have a talk together with Wido den Hollander, the founder of 42on about how to make a positive impact from both an environmental and financial perspective. The talk will be held on Tuesday, April 18th, 10:35 – 11:15 CEST.  

During the talk they will discuss: 

  • How by choosing Ceph you can increase the lifetime of hardware.  
  • How maximizing the lifespan of hardware has both a financial and environmental impact.  
  • What the impact is of having hardware running for 1, 2 or 3 years longer.  
  • How much CO2 emission is prevented by not replacing hardware and how this compares to improved electricity consumption of newer hardware.

Apart from our own talks you can find a full schedule of all the talks and speakers of the Cephalocon through the following link: https://events.linuxfoundation.org/cephalocon/program/schedule/  

What more do we have in store? 

The event will be held in 42on’s home country, and we are excited to act as your co-host of the event. That said, we have a very special surprise for attendees to provide you with a typical Dutch experience. We have organised a cruise through the famous canals of Amsterdam. Join our cruise, discover and enjoy the historic inner-city of Amsterdam, while resting your legs after a long day at Cephalacon.  

In the meanwhile, our 42on crew filmed a tour for you in Amsterdam last week. We will upload the videos for you in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on it, because you will see the coolest places to be, coolest things to do in Amsterdam (such as the Heineken Experience) and Amsterdam tips and tricks from locals! 

I am looking forward to meeting you at the event. Leave me a message in the comments to arrange a meet-up or message me at michiel@42on.com .  

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