What about our Ceph Fundamentals training?

What about our Ceph Fundamentals training?

Currently, we are planning a new Ceph Fundamentals training course for November or December. Because of this, we thought it would be nice to share some more information on the topics of this training course.

The 42on Ceph Fundamentals Training is a 2-day online, instructor-led training course. The training is led by one of our own Ceph experts. The training is split into two days. One day consists of classroom theory and one day consists of hands-on exercises using Virtual Machines. This way you learn both the fundamentals of Ceph as well as the insights of the inner workings. As it is given online you will be using your own workplace to attend the training.

During the two days of training, there will be a mix of theory to get to know more about it and LAB exercises to put the theory into action, using Virtual Machines with VirtualBox. On the first day, trainees will learn how Ceph differs from other storage systems, how Ceph works internally, and identify and understand the different components. After that, you will get the opportunity to start working with Ceph yourself.

Starting the second day, you will first learn how to create and deploy a Ceph cluster, both through Ceph-deploy and Cephadm. You will work with the different components of the Ceph system, such as the Monitor, Management, and the Object Storage Daemon (OSD). Of course, RADOS and CRUSH will also be part of the course, as well as the Ceph Block Device (RBD).

Diving deeper into the training the complete internals and protocols will be covered as well. It starts with the design philosophy behind Ceph and gets more specific as you continue to learn about the inner workings of RADOS, RBD, RADOS Gateway, and CephFS.

Our training courses are given online, but we think it’s important to add a touch of personal attention. Because of this, we limit ourselves to small groups so that we can pay attention to the attendees and spend a little more time when necessary, depending on the various level of Ceph knowledge.

The objectives of the course are to:

  • Learn how Ceph is different from existing SAN systems.
  • Learn how Ceph works internally.
  • Identify and understand the different components.
  • Learn about working with Monitor (Mon).
  • Learn about working with Manager (Mgr).
  • Learn about Object Storage Daemon (OSD).
  • Learn about the Metadata Server (MDS)/CephFS.
  • Learn how to use RADOS and CRUSH.
  • Learn about Ceph Block Device (RBD).
  • Learn about S3/Swift compatible gateway (RGW).
  • Create and deploy a Ceph cluster (Cephadm).

The planning of the training is done in mutual agreement with all attendees. If you would like to attend the Ceph Fundamentals training or would like to receive more information, just let us know. We are also happy to answer all other Ceph-related questions.

Would you like to learn more about how to get started with Ceph first? Read our blog about it through the following link https://42on.com/getting-started-with-ceph/ .

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