CloudStack and Ceph Day 2024: Join our event in Amsterdam 

CloudStack and Ceph Day in Amsterdam, February 8th 2024. The last CloudStack and Ceph Day took place in 2019… Time for a new one! Talking to both CloudStack and Ceph users, I got lots of requests about when the next CloudStack and Ceph Day will take place. Back in 2019 the following topics, among others, were […]

Object, block and file system storage in a single cluster

Cloud storage in your datacenter Storage growth for the coming years The International Data Corporation (IDC) has released a report on the ever-growing collective world’s data, a.k.a. the datasphere. Numbers are staggering: the IDC predicts that the collective sum of the world’s data will grow from 33 zettabytes this year to a 175ZB by 2025, […]