The importancy of upgrading and updating Ceph consistently

During our Ceph consultancy projects we often get questions about Ceph versions. A question we get a lot is about what Ceph version should be used, do I use the latest or an earlier version? Another question is about running different Ceph versions on one cluster, is this a bad thing? I thought it might […]

ZFS and Ceph, what a lovely couple they make!

Stable, secure data storage is probably one of the most important things in today’s data driven world. With the ability to scale fast. Combining two great storage solutions provides you with all those in one. ZFS and Ceph are a couple that cannot easily be beaten! Why is that? The short explanation is scalability. ZFS […]

Press release

[vc_row height_ratio=”100″ padding_top_multiplier=”6x” padding_bottom_multiplier=”6x” rc_bg_type=”image” rc_bg_image=”2750″ rc_bg_image_type=”horizontal-parallax-lr” rc_bg_image_size=”full” rc_bg_parallax_threshold=”0.5″ separator_bottom=”tilt-left-separator” separator_bottom_size=”150px” rc_bg_color=”#f7f8fc”][vc_column content_width=”custom” horizontal_content_position=”right” vertical_content_position=”middle” custom_content_width=”970″][vc_row_inner padding_top_multiplier=”” padding_bottom_multiplier=””][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″ vertical_content_position=”middle”][crocal_empty_space][crocal_title heading_tag=”h1″ heading=”h1″ increase_heading=”120″ animation=”eut-fade-in-up-big” animation_delay=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″]Fairbanks[/crocal_title][crocal_title heading_tag=”h1″ heading=”h1″ increase_heading=”120″ animation=”eut-fade-in-up-big” animation_delay=”100″ margin_bottom=”0″]acquires 42on.[/crocal_title][crocal_empty_space][crocal_title heading_tag=”h2″ heading=”leader-text” animation=”eut-fade-in-up-big” animation_delay=”300″ margin_bottom=”0″ el_class=”intro-text-width”]Fairbanks, leading provider in open source cloud solutions, announces the acquisition of 42on, leading provider of services […]