CloudStack and Ceph Day 2024: Join our event in Amsterdam 

CloudStack and Ceph Day in Amsterdam, February 8th 2024. The last CloudStack and Ceph Day took place in 2019… Time for a new one! Talking to both CloudStack and Ceph users, I got lots of requests about when the next CloudStack and Ceph Day will take place. Back in 2019 the following topics, among others, were […]

A quick note on running CloudStack with RBD on Ubuntu 12.04

When you want to use Ceph as Primary Storage in Apache CloudStack you need a recent version of libvirt with RBD storage pool support enabled. If you want to use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise) you would need to manually compile libvirt since the default libvirt version doesn’t include RBD storage pool support. But not any […]

Redundant Ceph monitors with Round Robin DNS

One of the unique features of Ceph is that it can be build without any Single Point of Failure. No single machine will take your cluster down when designed properly. Ceph’s monitors play a crucial part in this. To make them redundant you want a odd number of monitors, where 3 is more then sufficient […]