and objectives

Kinescope wanted 42on to help with the configuration of their Ceph cluster and to provide them with 24/7 support.

Extension of knowledge

The objective was for 42on to act as an extension of Kinescope's technical knowledge.

External and professional advise

Kinescope wanted to get external and professional advice on how to improve and tune the current Ceph cluster.

Rebalancing the Ceph cluster

Specifically, 42on helped Kinescope with rebalancing their Ceph cluster.

Improved redundancy and reliability

Kinescope wanted to know how they could improve their redundancy as well as reliability.

Migration of current Ceph version

They wanted to migrate their current Ceph version to one of the newest Ceph versions.

Providing Emergency Assistance

By providing Emergency Assistance, 42on supports Kinescope in providing the highest uptime of the video platform.

Services provided to Kinescope

Ceph migration

42on conducted a migration from SUSE SES to upstream Ceph for the HKU.


As a result of the consultancy, we have scheduled time to improve and tune the discussed aspects of the Ceph configuration.

Supporting in issues

We supported Kinescope with the rebalancing of the Ceph cluster to make sure the quality is the way it should be.

Redundancy and availability

We gave Kinescope specific advice on how to improve their redundancy and reliability to further refine all aspects of their video platform.


We ensured a smooth and efficient way of working as an extension of the team, exactly how open source should be.


We scheduled time with Kinescope to discuss the objectives and gave trusted advice based on contextual information.

About 42on

42on supports Ceph teams with the complete operation of Ceph clusters by providing consultancy, training, Emergency Assistance, and Managed Services.

Why choose 42on as your partner for your open-source infrastructure?

Ceph experts

We are a professional team of Ceph experts that work and communicate closely together to ensure optimal results.

Emergency Assistance

We offer Emergency Assistance for your Ceph environment that applies 24/7, no matter the country or timezone you are in.

We are experienced

We are experienced in working with big as well as small companies and are committed to keeping your Ceph cluster, running at all times.

We are an internationally operating company

We aim for long term relationships.

Open infrastructure community

We are actively involved in well known and active open source communities such as the Ceph foundation.

We love Ceph

Perhaps most importantly; we are in love with open source and Ceph.

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