Enhancing Clouding’s Ceph clusters with Emergency Assistance

About Clouding

Industry & location .

Clouding, a prominent Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider from Spain, excels in offering flexible, stable, and scalable cloud solutions to a diverse clientele ranging from small businesses to large corporations in Spain and Latin America.

Product & service .

At the core of the offerings is a robust and user-friendly cloud platform, designed to deliver stability and performance. Clouding takes pride in unparalleled flexibility and enabling clients to tailor their cloud solutions to meet specific business requirements.

Mission .

Rapid responsiveness is one of their key virtues. Clouding ensures quick responses, aiming to address inquiries within minutes. Their dedicated platform support empowers clients to construct highly scalable and dependable systems, providing a foundation for growth.

The challenges

Infrastructure expansion

As Clouding's infrastructure grew, managing their Ceph clusters became increasingly complex due to the expanded flash storage for virtual machines and spinning disks for backups.

Complexity management

Despite successfully operating these clusters for over five years, supporting tens of thousands of VMs and extensive backup data, the growth highlighted a need for specialized knowledge and support.

Specialized expertise

To ensure continued reliability and prepare for future challenges, Clouding sought a partner for expert support and consultancy to enhance their existing capabilities, and stay ahead of industry developments.

Continuous improvement

The goal was to add an extra layer of knowledge for support and consultancy, a partner who could provide insights, resolve doubts, and discuss sophisticated technical questions.

Strategic preparation

This need stemmed from a desire not only to maintain their current operational excellence but also to prepare for more and future scalability, innovation and challenges.

Driving innovation

The quest for enhanced support was driven by the commitment to ensure their infrastructure could keep pace with the demands of their growing clientele and the evolving landscape of cloud services.

The solutions

Cloud infrastructure enhancement

To address their need for advanced expertise and support, Clouding made the strategic decision to engage with 42on for Emergency Assistance. This partnership was aimed at enhancing Clouding's capability to manage their expansive Ceph clusters, ensuring both their current and future needs could be met with precision and confidence. 42on, known for in- depth Ceph and open source knowledge and swift response times, offered the specialized consultancy and support Clouding sought to navigate the complexities of their growing infrastructure.

Efficient expert guidance

The impact of engaging 42on was immediate and profound. Clouding gained peace of mind and the ability to tackle significant system changes, upgrades, and troubleshooting with expert guidance more efficiently. This shift not only enhanced operational stability but also saved valuable time, allowing the team to focus on strategic initiatives. The reassurance from 42on's support, as Xavier notably mentioned, brought back his confidence in the system's reliability, highlighting the partnership's success in strengthening Clouding's operational framework.

- Xavier Trilla, CEO Clouding

The Results

Support with 42on

Since partnering with 42on, Clouding has experienced enhanced support, significantly reducing operational stress and allowing the team to concentrate on strategic growth rather than daily issues.

Strengthening reliability

The future of Clouding is focused on strengthening their platform's reliability and expanding its features, with a particular emphasis on leveraging Ceph for its robust storage solutions.

Strategic Ceph utilization

The decision to integrate Ceph into their infrastructure was strategic, chosen for its reliability, scalability, and strong community support, aligning perfectly with Clouding's goal to offer a fail-safe IaaS platform.

Growth focused

Moving forward, Clouding plans to deepen its use of Ceph, exploring new ways to enhance its storage capabilities and innovate their service offerings while ensuring they remain leaders in the IaaS market.

About 42on

42on supports Ceph teams with the complete operation of Ceph clusters by providing Consultancy, Training, Emergency Assistance, and Managed Services.

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Why choose 42on as your partner for your open-source infrastructure?

Genuine commitment

42on's passion for open source, particularly Ceph, is not just a statement but a core ethos. Actively engaged in the Ceph and related open source communities, our contributions to GitHub, tech blogs and events showcase our enthusiastic involvement

Vendor agnostic approach

We avoid vendor lock-in and work together with clients that use open source or subscribed Ceph. This vendor-agnostic approach ensures clients have the freedom to choose their preferred vendor while benefiting from 42on's expert support and guidance.

Control tailored to your preferences

We understand that every business has unique needs. Therefore, we provide a range of services that allow you to customize your level of control. You can choose to maintain complete control or delegate tasks as you see fit.