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A dedicated team of experts that will brighten your workdays.

We, the people of 42on, are in love with open source and specifically Ceph. As a company, we provide emergency assistance for the world’s most complex core Ceph landscapes. We provide high-quality training, consultancy, and managed services. We are actively involved in the open source communities and are a proud member of the Ceph Foundation. Are you enthusiastic about Ceph as well?

Get ready for the next step on your Ceph journey and join our team! Our team works on problems all over the world for interesting companies, in many industries. Work remotely or join us in Baarn, The Netherlands. The Ceph challenges you will face are very complex. This makes 42on one of the best companies to expand on your Ceph expertise. You will do so by working together with a like-minded team that loves to elevate each other. 

Join the people of 42on!

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How we contribute to Cephalocon 2023

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"The rush from solving a complex p1 for a customer is an awesome feeling"

- Wout
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"When you like what you do, and you like where you do that, what more can you ask for?"

- Andrea
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"Not a week goes by without learning something new."

- Sophie

"I used to love using open source software, now I'm working at a company that is actually supporting it."

- Predrag

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Your benefits

Work for companies worldwide

Fix the most complex Ceph issues

New Ceph challenges every day

Dive deeper in the technology you love

Work mainly remote if you want

Periodically meet your colleagues in Baarn

Eat healthy lunches at the office

Recognized as a sponsor to hire skilled migrants

We are in love
with Ceph and open source