42on at KubeCon: Highlights from KubeCon 2024 in Paris

42on at KubeCon: Highlights from KubeCon 2024 in Paris

42on attended KubeCon in Paris last week and let me tell you: Wow… these were a couple of unforgettable days. Now that we’re back, it feels like the perfect time to reflect on some of the highlights from our perspective. So, let’s get to it.

Preparation day KubeCon

On Tuesday, we arrived in Paris and at the KubeCon venue we began setting up our booth. Our focus was on ensuring that the booth looked inviting, the demo was functioning smoothly on our display screen, and the t-shirts we planned to give away were neatly folded. We had the pleasure of attending the event alongside our partner, Sidero Labs, with our booths positioned back to back. Sidero Labs is known for their support of Talos Linux and Omni. This arrangement meant that throughout the event, visitors fluidly moved between our booth and that of Sidero Labs, fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

Day 1 KubeCon

Wednesday morning kicked off with the keynote presentation, I was surprised to see how big the Keynote Pavilion really is. Knowing that around 12,000 people would attend the event is one thing, but witnessing such a vast crowd gathered in one space was truly astonishing. To accommodate the large number of attendees, the talks were ‘live recorded’ and broadcast on multiple projector screens, ensuring that everyone could easily see the presentations.

I particularly appreciated the presentations from Priyanka Sharma, the Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, NVIDIA, and the participants in the Keynote Panel. It was really insightful to receive updates and hear their perspectives on the current happenings within the foundation.

Following the keynotes, the sponsor exhibition area opened, attracting visitors to both the 42on and Sidero Labs booths. Some attendees came to our booth because they were already familiar with 42on, while others were eager to learn more about our offering: ‘Fully Managed Kubernetes with integrated Ceph storage.’ This solution, powered by Talos Linux, integrates Rook, Kubernetes, Omni, and Ceph into one managed solution. We showcased a pre-recorded demo demonstrating the deployment of a production-ready Ceph Kubernetes cluster in about 10 minutes, using Talos Linux, Rook, and Omni. Beyond just explaining ‘what’ we offer, it was rewarding to show ‘how’ we do it.

In addition to showcasing our solutions, it was fascinating to learn about how visitors view the market and the challenges they face. Discussions extended beyond Ceph and its integration with Kubernetes. For instance, there were numerous conversations about CentOS and how companies are looking for alternative Linux Operating Systems. Furthermore, a significant amount of discussion revolved around VMware (recently acquired by Broadcom) and the shift towards adopting a multi-hypervisor strategy. While some companies have already figured out how to tackle these issues, others are still exploring their options or seeking collaborations. For such needs, our sister company, Fairbanks, offers fully standardized solutions, ready to address these specific challenges. You can see which solutions we offer through the following link: https://fairbanks.nl/our-services/

Following in early the evening, a KubeCrawl was organized with music, games, and small parties complete with giveaways and snacks. The karaoke bar, in particular, was a hit. Later that evening, we dined with Sidero Labs and representatives from other companies attending KubeCon. We chose a restaurant near the venue called ‘Le Pavé de Versailles,’ a classic French brasserie. At the front of the restaurant was the phrase: ‘La cuisine est la base du véritable bonheur,’ which translates to ‘Cooking is the basis of true happiness.’ It was amazing to enjoy a fine French dinner and drinks in the company of peers from the tech industry.

Day 2 KubeCon

On Thursday, we attended to the keynotes again, which primarily focused on cloud-native facts, innovation, and the combination of cloud-native computing with artificial intelligence (AI). Once again, the topics were fascinating.

Following the morning’s activities, our booth once again became a hub for new conversations throughout the day. In the evening, in partnership with Sidero Labs, we hosted KubeCon Drinks at ‘Le Pavé de Versailles,’ bringing the community together for a second time. These gatherings significantly boosted the restaurant’s business, making for some exceptionally good evenings. Moreover, the weather was so favorable that, as you can notice in the picture below, attendees were comfortably wearing t-shirts well into the evening.

Day 3 KubeCon

Friday morning proved to be the most challenging wake-up call. After three days of constant engagement, long conversations, and shorter-than-usual sleep, I was quite tired. Despite the late nights and the whirlwind of networking and learning, I was still very enthusiastic and attended a few more talks and engaged with visitors at our booth. Eventually, we left KubeCon and headed home, thinking of the memorable experiences and connections made. It was a blend of many ideas, innovations, and a sense of community that truly made a lasting impression on us.

I’m curious to hear about your experiences. How was your KubeCon? What were your standout moments, learnings, or encounters during the event? Let me know!

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