Linux storage engineer

Linux storage engineer

As a Linux Storage Engineer at 42on you become part of our Ceph team, where you will have the opportunity to grow and develop yourself. You are involved in the following matters:

Ceph consultancy

We help customers with the setup of the architecture design, implementations and upgrades

We are involved in general support sessions

We assist in troubleshooting

Emergency Assistance

We offer multiple support plans, helping small and large organizations during calamities. Applying our knowledge and providing direct service is our starting point. We do this as a team, 24*7 worldwide.

About 42on

42on provides high quality Ceph services since 2012. 42on assists organizations in designing, deploying, implementing and running Ceph clusters. Ranging from terabytes to petabytes, spinning disks or ‘all flash’, we have implemented and support all kinds and types of Ceph clusters at all kinds and types of enterprises all over the world. Our teams consist of experienced engineers with various personal and professional backgrounds.

Besides excellent benefits, we believe that the most important aspect of this job is to be enthusiastic about it, have career opportunities and work in a fun, mulicultural team that will challenge you technically. All this aside, 42on is a technology driven company with the goal of providing the best experience to both our customers and employees. We stimulate growth on both a technical and personal level.

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