Ceph Expert

Ceph Expert

We are in love with open source and specifically Ceph. As a company we provide high quality support services, consultancy and training for Ceph. When we say we love open source, we truly mean it. We are actively involved in the open source communities of Ceph and other related projects. Because of our expansion we are looking for a Ceph Expert to join our team. Are you as passionate as we are, do you love a hard Ceph challenge and are you looking for the next step in your career? Let’s get in touch!

What we offer

42on provides high-quality Ceph services since 2012. We focus on large high-end companies that already use Ceph and depend on it in their business; we provide support and solutions in Ceph emergencies while striving to mitigate risks. You will be dealing with complex Ceph issues on a daily basis, ranging from problems that have an origin in architecture, implementation, or usage to discovering bugs in Ceph. While doing so, you are constantly mindful of the customer’s opportunities and risks. In this role, you will be in daily contact with industry professionals worldwide.

What you bring

Working at 42on means working with 25+ open source specialists facilitating our customers to solve challenging issues, supporting them, and making them accelerate. We are looking for someone who is an intermediate Ceph Engineer who wants to become a Ceph Expert. The knowledge, experience, and skills we are looking for are:


If you have any questions about this job, feel free to reach out to us!