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ZFS and Ceph are often used together within one infrastructure. ZFS is perfect for scaling up where Ceph is made to scale out. This means that both solutions have their own benefits.
Ceph can scale almost unlimitable into the ‘yottabyte’ data range. Ceph infrastructures with 30+ clusters that range into the 80+ Petabytes are not uncommon.
42on works with architectures for all major hardware brands like SuperMicro, DELL, and HPE.
42on charges a fee per amount of OSDs and clusters. This makes growing and flexibility easier.
42on supports all major Ceph distributions based on Debian or CentOS, Red Hat, and Ubuntu.
Yes, we do; we do offer our 24*7 and managed services for clusters with the upstream version of Ceph.
You can use Ceph for free, and deploy it on economical commodity hardware.
No. In our experience over 90% of all issues with Ceph are not caused by bugs or other issues in the software. But in design choices, hardware incompatibilities, changed usage, overdue maintenance, poor cluster hygiene, deployment-specific issues, and networking. We embrace any challenge, wherever the cause of your emergency originated.
We cannot guarantee we can resolve every emergency. But we can guarantee that we will be fully focused on firstly retaining your data and secondly regaining up time and we will dedicate all joint expertise to get your cluster back to fully healthy. In some cases, we even have even been able to reconstruct already lost data.
We provide Emergency Assistance to all our contract customers. Let’s do a quick analysis of your problem and explain our services. If we have an engineer available we might be able to help you so you can become a contract customer on the spot.