CloudStack and Ceph Day 2024: Join our event in Amsterdam 

CloudStack and Ceph Day 2024: Join our event in Amsterdam 

CloudStack and Ceph Day in Amsterdam, February 8th 2024.

The last CloudStack and Ceph Day took place in 2019… Time for a new one!

Talking to both CloudStack and Ceph users, I got lots of requests about when the next CloudStack and Ceph Day will take place. Back in 2019 the following topics, among others, were covered:

  • Running OpenShift Clusters in a CloudStack environment.
  • Deploying CloudStack and Ceph with flexible VXLAN and BGP networking.
  • Achieving the ultimate performance with KVM.
  • Ceph with CloudStack.
  • Cloud Management Portal admin view.
  • Storage Based Snapshots for KVM in CloudStack.
  • New stuff in CloudStack.
  • Our journey with CloudStack.

In collaboration with ShapeBlue and Adyen, I am coordinating the organization of a new CloudStack and Ceph Day. This means we invite you once more, to a gathering of tech enthusiasts, developers, and industry experts at the CloudStack and Ceph Day in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The event, scheduled for February 8th 2024, promises an insightful exploration of CloudStack and Ceph technologies.

Venue and experience

Lots of thanks to Adyen for sharing their venue space for our event. Set at this location, the event consists of a blend of knowledge sharing from CloudStack and Ceph engineers. With 2 space considerations in mind, 1 where we will hold CloudStack talks and one where we will hold Ceph talks, we will be embracing the silent disco principle for an immersive experience in 1 of the 2 rooms. As you join the discussions, enjoy a spread of bites and beverages provided for your enjoyment throughout the day all for free. The event is held in Amsterdam at the Damrak district. The address is: Rokin 49, 1012 KK Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

What to expect

Anticipating a turnout of 50 to 100 attendees, we have curated a schedule that covers various facets within the realm of CloudStack and Ceph. This year has seen remarkable advancements within both CloudStack and Ceph technologies, so there is enough to share.

The importance of knowledge sharing

At the heart of our event lies the significance of knowledge exchange and community building. We welcome technical speakers to contribute their insights and experiences regarding CloudStack and Ceph infrastructure or configurations. No idea is too small, every perspective matters. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to help engineers with your insights. All talks will be recorded and shared on Youtube. If you’re unsure about your topic, reach out to us. Let’s discuss your ideas and insights. Your contribution could shape the conversations of the day.

That said, to this day I receive positive feedback from engineers who find value in the information shared during such events, even years after the events.

RSVP and information

To secure your spot and find detailed information about the event, including agenda updates and speaker announcements, visit our Eventbrite page here:

Connect with us

I am looking forward to the event, to meeting you there and learning about your experience.

If you have knowledge to share, do not hesitate to message me or give me a call. I am happy to connect. Your participation means a lot to both CloudStack and Ceph.

See you in Amsterdam!

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