Ceph Squid: About the new Ceph release

Ceph Squid: About the new Ceph release

The world of data storage is seeing a transformation with the introduction of Ceph Squid, the latest evolution in the Ceph storage ecosystem. This new advancement promises to redefine scalability, performance, and reliability in data storage, supported by the strongest alliance of tech innovators and developers to date. In this blog, we will discuss the details of Ceph Squid, exploring its features, benefits, and the implications of this powerful new tool for businesses and IT infrastructure.

What is Ceph Squid?

Ceph Squid is an innovative extension of the well-established Ceph storage system, an open source software platform designed to facilitate highly scalable object, block, and file-based storage under one whole system. The goal of Ceph has always been to provide a high degree of fault tolerance with no single point of failure and scalability across the petabyte and even exabyte ranges. Ceph Squid builds on this foundation with enhanced features that target current and emerging storage demands in the industry.

Ceph Squid builds upon the robust foundation of its predecessors within the Ceph ecosystem, which is celebrated for its scalable, resilient, and flexible architecture. To date, Ceph’s reach extends to over 3,000 clusters worldwide, managing an impressive exabyte of storage. This widespread adoption underscores its effectiveness and reliability as a storage solution.

Key features and enhancements of Ceph Squid

Enhanced scalability

One of the standout features of Ceph Squid is its improved scalability. Designed to handle an ever-increasing volume of data without degradation in performance, Ceph Squid can dynamically scale out to thousands of nodes and exabytes of data, making it a robust solution for growing enterprises and data-intensive applications like AI, big data analytics, and IoT.

Superior performance

Ceph Squid introduces several optimizations that significantly boost read/write speeds and reduce latency. These improvements are crucial for performance-critical applications such as real-time data analytics and online transaction processing. The new architecture of Ceph Squid ensures that data storage and retrieval are more efficient than ever, enabling businesses to leverage their data more effectively.

Unmatched reliability

With Ceph Squid, reliability takes a front seat. The system enhances data replication and recovery strategies to ensure that data remains safe even in the event of hardware failures or network issues. Additionally, the health monitoring features are more advanced, providing administrators with real-time alerts and the ability to proactively manage and solve potential issues before they affect the system’s performance.

BlueStore enhancements

BlueStore, the storage format of Ceph, now incorporates improvements that minimize latency and CPU requirements for snapshot-intensive workloads. By default, it employs RocksDB compression to boost performance and reduce space usage.

The alliance behind Ceph Squid

Ceph Squid is not just a technological upgrade; it is also backed by the strongest alliance yet in the storage ecosystem. Leading technology companies, open source developers, and academic institutions have come together to support the development and deployment of Ceph Squid. This collaboration ensures a robust, continuously evolving platform that benefits from the expertise and innovation of a diverse group of professionals worldwide.

CRUSH algorithm enhancements

Modifications in the CRUSH (Controlled Replication Under Scalable Hashing) algorithm now support more flexible and cost-effective erasure coding configurations, enhancing data protection and optimization.

Crimson improvements

Significant strides in read performance and stability are evident in Crimson, the high-performance backend of Ceph. It now supports scrub, partial recovery, and osdmap trimming, with substantial upgrades to the I/O path to disk and multi-core messenger.

Benefits for businesses

Cost efficiency

Deploying Ceph Squid can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership for storage systems. Its efficient use of hardware, reduced overhead costs, and open source nature eliminate the need for expensive proprietary solutions.

Data security

Ceph Squid enhances security features, offering robust encryption and comprehensive access control mechanisms. These security measures ensure that sensitive data is protected against unauthorized access and breaches.

Future-proof infrastructure

With the scalability and adaptability of Ceph Squid, businesses can future-proof their storage infrastructure. As data needs grow and change, Ceph Squid adapts, ensuring that businesses can meet their data storage requirements without the need for frequent overhauls.

Cephalocon 2024

In other light, the Ceph community will gather at Cephalocon 2024, scheduled for December 4-5 in Geneva, Switzerland. This annual event serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, showcasing innovations, and strengthening collaboration across the ecosystem. With registration opening soon, the event promises to be a landmark gathering for storage professionals worldwide.


The release of Ceph Squid represents a milestone in the Ceph ecosystem. With its advanced features, strong community support, and the backing of major tech leaders, Ceph Squid is set to revolutionize the landscape of data storage. As we move towards a more data-driven world, the scalability, reliability, and efficiency of Ceph Squid make it a cornerstone technology for future-proofing storage infrastructures.

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