Object, block and file system storage in a single cluster

Object, block and file system storage in a single cluster

Cloud storage in your datacenter

Storage growth for the coming years

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has released a report on the ever-growing collective world’s data, a.k.a. the datasphere. Numbers are staggering: the IDC predicts that the collective sum of the world’s data will grow from 33 zettabytes this year to a 175ZB by 2025, growing at a yearly rate of 61%.

Some other remarkable stats for the year 2025 are:

  • The storage industry will ship 42ZB of capacity over the next 7 years.
  • 90ZB of data will be created on IoT devices by 2025.
  • By 2025, 49% of data will be stored in public clouds.
  • 30% of data generated will be consumed in real-time by 2025.

Cloud datamanagement

To facilitate this growth, companies look at ways to store their data safely and effectively. But more over, ways to improve management of ever growing datasets. A great way to start this is by adopting cloud storage solutions in your own infrastructure. Integrating object, block and file storage in a single unified storage cluster while simultaneously delivering high-performance and infinite scalability.

Ceph storage

Ceph is the storage solution that provides applications with object, block, and file system storage. All in a single unified storage cluster. It is flexible, highly reliable and easy to manage. Ceph storage is scalable for thousands of client hosts accessing petabytes of data. Applications can use any of the system interfaces to the same cluster simultaneously, which means your Ceph storage system serves as a flexible foundation for all of your data storage needs.

Ceph storage at a glance

  • Use Ceph for free, and deploy it on commodity hardware, keeping hardware expenses low.
  • Ceph replicates data and makes it fault tolerant.
  • The system is both self-healing and self-managing by design.
  • Proven Enterprise grade technology since 2011.
  • Endlessly scalable and agile by design. The only limits to size and speed of your storage cluster is the hardware.
  • Supported by major vendors and several service models possible, to guarentee uptime.
  • Integrates object, block and file storage in a single unified storage cluster.
  • Build as you grow: You can grow the cluster while migrating virtual machines, keeping the initial investment interesting enough.

Scale out on commodity hardware

Ceph decouples the storage software from the underlying hardware. This enables you to build much larger storage clusters with less effort. You can scale out storage clusters infinitely, using economical commodity hardware, and you can replace hardware easily when it malfunctions or fails. If your cloud journey is going to be hybrid: Ceph integrates with private as well as public clouds like AWS and Azure. The following picture shows an overview of the Ceph services:

Suitable for you?

So wether your current storage is ‘end-of-life’, your current data growth is not sustainable anymore, you want to easily combine object, block and file storage, you want to free yourself from the expensive lock-in proprietary hardware based storage solutions, you want a cloud native storage solution, you want to automate your replication and management, or you just want to find out for yourself what storage options are available at the moment; Ceph is most certainly worth taking a look at.

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