Best practices for CephFS

Best practices for CephFS 1400 933 Michiel Manten

File storage is a data storage format in which data is stored and managed as files within folders. Why would you choose to use file storage? Well, the advantages of file storage include the following: 1. User-friendly interface: A simple file management and sharing system which are easy to understand for human users which makes…

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How we use Ceph-Collect to work with you

How we use Ceph-Collect to work with you 1302 927 Michiel Manten

When we work on Ceph storage infrastructures, we always ask to run a diagnostic tool first. For running these diagnostics, we have developed a tool, which is called Ceph-Collect. The tool is used to gather information from a Ceph cluster. After it runs, it shows an in dept report about the storage architecture together with…

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Migration options for SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES) users

Migration options for SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES) users 1350 900 Michiel Manten

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about how SUSE pulled the plug on SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES). SES is a Linux-based computer data storage product developed by SUSE and built on Ceph technology. A quick recap on the matter is that in 2020, SUSE acquired Rancher Labs, a Kubernetes management software vendor, and…

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SUSE pulls the plug on SES. What are your options now?

SUSE pulls the plug on SES. What are your options now? 1349 901 Michiel Manten

A few months back the news came that SUSE stops supporting its Ceph-based SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES) product to their customers. And, with one eye on Rancher, will promote Longhorn instead. As we support mostly very avid Ceph storage teams we dove into the options you have if you are now a SUSE Enterprise Storage…

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RBD latency with QD=1 bs=4k

RBD latency with QD=1 bs=4k 1500 1000 Michiel Manten

You might be asking yourself, why talk about QD=1 bs=4k? Well, from the experience of Wido den Hollander, our colleague at 42on, a single thread IO latency is very important for many applications. What we see with benchmarks is that people focus on high amounts of bandwidth and large amounts of IOps. They simply go…

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5 more ways to break your Ceph cluster

5 more ways to break your Ceph cluster 1650 1100 Michiel Manten

While we’ve been working with customers using Ceph in a variety of ways, we have encountered some several ways to break your Ceph cluster. In that light, here is an update on five more ways to break your Ceph cluster as a continuation of the original presentation done by Wido den Hollander which is called;…

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42on at Ceph month!

42on at Ceph month! 1650 1100 Michiel Manten

With June already here, it is time for the annual Ceph month. Previously held as a conference and called Cephalocon, this year the event will be held online due to obvious reasons. So, why Ceph month? Ceph month aims at bringing together engineers and architects with an interest in Ceph, software defined storage and data…

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A brief history on Ceph

A brief history on Ceph 2560 1440 Michiel Manten

Ceph has emerged as the leading distributed storage platform. By using commodity hardware and software-defined controls, Ceph has proven its worth as an answer to the scaling data needs of today’s businesses. Ceph is a software-defined storage solution designed to address the object, block, and file storage needs of data centres adopting open source as…

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Cephalocon 2021, Let’s talk Ceph!

Cephalocon 2021, Let’s talk Ceph! 1500 1000 Michiel Manten

At this moment we are busy with the organization of another Cephalocon. Cephalocon is an annual event organized by the Ceph Foundation. By organizing Cephalocon, Ceph aims to bring together technologists and adopters from across the globe to showcase Ceph’s history and its future, demonstrate real-world applications, and highlight vendor solutions. By doing this, Ceph…

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ZFS and Ceph, what a lovely couple they make!

ZFS and Ceph, what a lovely couple they make! 1500 1000 Michiel Manten

Stable, secure data storage is probably one of the most important things in today’s data driven world. With the ability to scale fast. Combining two great storage solutions provides you with all those in one. ZFS and Ceph are a couple that cannot easily be beaten! Why is that? The short explanation is scalability. ZFS…

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