Ceph Squid: About the new Ceph release

The world of data storage is seeing a transformation with the introduction of Ceph Squid, the latest evolution in the Ceph storage ecosystem. This new advancement promises to redefine scalability, performance, and reliability in data storage, supported by the strongest alliance of tech innovators and developers to date. In this blog, we will discuss the […]

42on at KubeCon: Highlights from KubeCon 2024 in Paris

42on attended KubeCon in Paris last week and let me tell you: Wow… these were a couple of unforgettable days. Now that we’re back, it feels like the perfect time to reflect on some of the highlights from our perspective. So, let’s get to it. Preparation day KubeCon On Tuesday, we arrived in Paris and […]

42on at KubeCon: A booth, a sponsorship and a surprise

We are thrilled to announce that 42on will be a proud sponsor and exhibitor at KubeCon 2024, set to take place in the heart of innovation and culture, Paris. This event marks a significant milestone in the cloud-native community, bringing together leading contributors in Kubernetes, cloud-native, and open source development to share insights, foster innovation, […]

Press release: 42on Partners with Sidero Labs to Accelerate Kubernetes Implementations with Talos Operating System

Date: 27-02-24 Location: Baarn – The Netherlands / Goleta – USA 42on, a leading provider of open-source storage solutions and a subsidiary of Fairbanks International Group (FIG), is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Sidero Labs, the pioneering developer behind cutting-edge cloud-native technologies. This partnership is poised to deliver unparalleled value to businesses leveraging Kubernetes and Ceph scale […]

CloudStack and Ceph Day 2024: Join our event in Amsterdam 

CloudStack and Ceph Day in Amsterdam, February 8th 2024. The last CloudStack and Ceph Day took place in 2019… Time for a new one! Talking to both CloudStack and Ceph users, I got lots of requests about when the next CloudStack and Ceph Day will take place. Back in 2019 the following topics, among others, were […]

How to prioritize sustainability in a rapidly changing IT world? | Fairbanks

We thank everyone who joined us for our webinar. The event proved to be a success, offering valuable insights and sparking meaningful discussions on prioritizing sustainability in the world of IT. Key highlights of the webinar : Comparing IT to other industries: Participants gained a deeper understanding of the IT industry’s position relative to aviation, maritime shipping, and waste […]

Free Webinar: How to prioritize sustainability in a rapidly changing IT world?

How to prioritize sustainability in a rapidly changing IT world? Learn about Fairbanks’ top 3 insights on how to prioritize sustainability and the perspectives of an IT company in a rapidly changing world. Key takeaways: The position of the IT industry compared to the aviation, maritime shipping or waste processing industry Trends, innovations and disruption […]

The Unseen Carbon Footprint: Data Storage and Sustainable Solutions

At the Cephalocon 2023 in Amsterdam, a talk on the environmental impact of data storage was presented by Wout van Heeswijk, the CTO of 42on, and Wido den Hollander, the founder of 42on. You can view the talk through the following link: https://youtu.be/eAMWFJzLIc8 Drawing on their expertise, Wout and Wido shed light on the topics that […]

Cephalocon talks we especially look forward to 

Talks at the Cephalocon of 2023

Cephalocon is right around the corner, and we have made sure that the boats are ready, the shirts have been ordered, the pastry chef is on stand-by and meet-ups have been arranged. If you have no idea what I am talking about, feel free to read our last blog that we have written about what […]

A talk, a tour and a surprise at the Cephalocon 

If you have read our last blog about the upcoming Cephalocon, you might be familiar with the concept already. If you are not familiar with the Cephalocon or our blog, you can read it through the following link: https://42on.com/cephalocon-2023/    We are members!  We are members of the Ceph Foundation as well as the Linux Foundation. […]