and objectives

For Clouding we have done work on their Ceph environment. Clouding has staff working on Ceph but found that 42on could help them in the challenges they now had with Ceph.


gridscale wanted help to update their Ceph cluster through 4 major updates.


At some point, Ceph stopped updating automatically. They immediately wanted to fix this, as automation is key for gridscale.

Stay up-to-date

The objective is to keep working with the latest Ceph releases.

Distribute knowledge

gridscale wants the organization to distribute knowledge and to make sure the various parts of their organization learn over time in a continuous fashion.


gridscale is working towards limiting clusters in size. This will make the maintenance less complex and limits the failure domain in case of issues with less data and customers affected, than if it is one large Ceph cluster.

Services provided to Clouding

Upgrade of Ceph

We upgraded the entire Ceph environment for Clouding. We took the worries about it out of Clouding's hands.

Tactical & operational

Doing this we supported and advised Clouding in a tactical and operational way on their Ceph environment.

Supporting in issues

With the significant growth of clusters, Clouding realized the need for dedicated support services. 42on's proposal was the best fit.

Helping where we can

Due to 42on's Emergency Assistance services, the assurance that Clouding can istantly engage 42on's team if issues arise, contributes to peace of mind.

Reference architecture

We helped Clouding to create a reference architecture for their offered services in the most efficient way possible.

Following up

Reaching an up to date and consistent platform again, Clouding returns to normal operation.

About 42on

42on supports Ceph teams with the complete operation of Ceph clusters by providing consultancy, training, Emergency Assistance, and Managed Services.

Why choose 42on as your partner for your open-source infrastructure?

Genuine commitment

42on's passion for open source, particularly Ceph, is not just a statement but a core ethos. Actively engaged in the Ceph and related open source communities, our contributions to GitHub, tech blogs and events showcase our enthusiastic involvement

Vendor agnostic approach

We avoid vendor lock-in and work together with clients that use open source or subscribed Ceph. This vendor-agnostic approach ensures clients have the freedom to choose their preferred vendor while benefiting from 42on's expert support and guidance.

Control tailored to your preferences

We understand that every business has unique needs. Therefore, we provide a range of services that allow you to customize your level of control. You can choose to maintain complete control or delegate tasks as you see fit.

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