Ceph support
as it is supposed to be

A dedicated team of experts
can make a big difference
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We are in love with open source and specifically Ceph. As a company we provide high quality training, consultancy and support services for Ceph. 

When we say we love open source, we truly mean that. We are actively involved in the open source communities of Ceph and other related projects.

As part of Fairbanks International Group, we work closely together with their OpenStack and Kubernetes expert colleagues from Fairbanks

Take a look at our Github page or our tech-blogs to see how we are actively and enthusiastically involved in the open source community.   

Since 2012 we provide high quality Ceph services. We assist organizations in designing, deploying, implementing, running and, in case of emergencies: troubleshooting Ceph clusters. Ranging from terabytes to petabytes, spinning disks or ‘all flash’, we have implemented and support all kinds and types of Ceph clusters at all kinds and types of enterprises all over the world. To ensure the best, our teams consist of experienced engineers with various personal and professional backgrounds.

Are you thinking about using Ceph in your organization or changing from one to another Ceph distribution but lack the expertise? Are you thinking about upgrading your current Ceph cluster but don’t know who to call when your own team needs a helping hand?

Get in touch with us. We are here to help you! Let’s discuss the possibilities.

How we work

42on can work as an extension of your open source teams. We like to work tightly together with your own teams and have several support packages to fit your needs. Moreso, we can support your clusters in addition to your Ceph software subscriptions, if you require enterprise software support.    

Our key values

Specialized in Ceph

Passionate about Ceph



In love with open source

Problem solvers

We are in love
with Ceph and open source