A huge thanks to Sage Weil

A huge thanks to Sage Weil

Ceph was developed by Sage Weil in 2003 as a part of his Ph.D. project. It was open sourced in 2006 to serve as a reference implementation and research platform. DreamHost, a Los Angeles-based web hosting and domain registrar company also co-founded by Sage Weil, supported Ceph development from 2007 to 2011. During this period Ceph as we know it took shape: the core components gained stability and reliability, new features were implemented, and the road map for the future was drawn. When RedHat acquired Ceph in 2014, Sage Weil remained the chief architect for RedHat of the Ceph project. Until now, Sage Weil was in charge of Ceph over its entire lifespan. This era has come to an end as Sage Weil announced that he would hand over the leadership of the project this year.  

Sage Weil is leaving Red Hat. As a developer, he will still be involved in Ceph “Quincy”, which is currently in development, and will no longer work significantly on the following “R” version of Ceph. Sage said “Initially, I expect to step back from a leadership role but continue to contribute as a developer, at least for the short term. How much I contribute will depend on other time commitments, which are not easy to predict”.

Sage explains he is drawn to new areas. In the mail in which he officially announced his departure, he explains the background to this. Accordingly, he participated in a civil rights organization in 2020. This work, says Sage, impressed him and reminded him of the old days when the Ceph community consisted of a handful of people. He says he is immensely proud of what has been accomplished over the last 17 years and sees a bright future for the project.

However, according to Sage and Red Hat, Ceph customers don’t have to be afraid of anything going wrong. Red Hat has in the meantime transferred a big half of the accountability of Ceph to the related Foundation, which is a bulge of the Linux Foundation. So, the handover is already underway if not already completed. 

42on would like to thank Sage Weil for his dedication, innovative mindset, and technical expertise that helped us to get to the point where we are now! We have enjoyed working with Sage and his work all these years. We love to contribute to the Ceph community and will continue to do so! So, here is a salute and a thank you to Sage Weil for the Ceph project and his dedication to it.  


Do you want to find out how Ceph came to life? Read about it in our blog through the following link https://42on.com/a-brief-history-on-ceph/

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