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Ceph is a Open Source distributed object store. It runs on commodity hardware providing a fault tolerant and self-healing storage platform. 


Why choose 42on?

We are a company with a lot of knowledge. We love a few things: Open Source, Ceph and IPv6. As a company we provide high quality training and consultancy for both Ceph and IPv6.

When we say we love Open Source we truly mean that. We are actively involved in the open source communities of Ceph, Apache CloudStack, libvirt and multiple other projects.

Take a look at the Github page or blog of Wido den Hollander and you can see that we are actively involved in open source.

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The exhaustion of the IPv4 pool was already foreseen in the 1990s.With the rapid growth of the Internet after commercialization in the 1990s, it became evident that far more addresses than the IPv4 address space has available were necessary to connect new devices in the future.