Become a Ceph magician with 42on!

What we do

We provide training, support and consultancy on the open distributed object storage Ceph.

Our data storage keeps growing and growing and every year we store more data. Storage systems are having a hard time keeping up with the growth.

Ceph is changing this! It's designed to grow with your data. When a Ceph system grows in terms of storage capacity, so does the performance.

Because of it's distributed nature there is no single point of failure, you can keep scaling without ever having to rely on a single machine for your availability.

As 42on we are here to help you. We train you (or your staff) on how to set up a Ceph cluster, how to scale it and how to implement Ceph in your existing applications.

We provide our services all across Europe, we even come to your office if you want so we can do a 1:1 training and implementation.

We are actively involved in Ceph and various other Open source projects surrounding it and we will continue to do so.

Did we get you interested? Feel free to contact us for more information!

Customer care

Your data is important to you and we understand that. That's why we look after our customers.

When training or helping you with implementing Ceph we understand your needs. Our experiences with storage date back more then 10 years.

We've worked with various SAN systems from the big vendors, we know what their limitations are and what you are facing.

Your storage is the heart of your IT-infrastructure. It should be solid and well thought of. If your storage fails, your infrastructure fails.

By working together we can help you integrate Ceph seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

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